Welcome to reKappel ❤️

Welcome to reKappel ❤️

Our portfolio contains only products that are regionally recycled - our products, the production methods and the way we work with our partners are uncompromisingly sustainable. For example, it can happen that we cannot produce candles for a few days if we do not have any regionally collected candle available :)

100% handcrafted, 98% recycled, 100% Passion

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  • Why candle scraps?

    Warum Kerzenwachsreste?

    We work exclusively with scraps of candle wax for our Connaisseur candles - why? In order to be able to manufacture the reKappel Connaisseur candles (and the products that are still to come - stay tuned) carefully by hand, we only use candle wax scraps. Scraps that we collect from regional partners and households and then sort, clean and remelt. Thus, we bring the candle remnants, which would otherwise be thrown away, back into the cycle and can thus produce great products for you.

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  • For winelovers

    Für Weinliebhaber

    Born from our love and (family) relationship with wine, we have a special product in our portfolio especially for vinophiles: our Connoisseur candles. Made 100% by hand and 100% love and 98% recycled, we produce our Connaisseure candles in the manufactory exclusively with candle remnants that we collect regionally. The special thing about the candles are the vintners and labels which are perfectly preserved in the Connaisseure candles. [...]

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  • Who is reKappel?

    Wer ist reKappel?
    Who is actually reKappel? Sophie, Sarah, Lorenz and Dietmar want to convey their idea of a more sustainable future to as many people as possible - the idea of #SustainableLuxury should enable people to buy luxurious products for their lives and at the same time make a contribution to protecting our environment.
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