January 01, 2022

What drives us?

By reKappel Team
Was treibt uns an?

For a sustainable future #NoGreenWashing 

We believe in #SustainableLuxury - For a long time we have noticed that champagne and wine bottles are usually "simply" thrown away and the leftover candles from the Advent wreath or the Christmas season simply end up in the residual waste. Without really questioning this, we as a society are unnecessarily increasing our CO2 footprint.

Not only that this largely unnecessary, additional waste means enormous additional energy expenditure and thus the increased consumption of natural resources. No, we are also convinced that wonderful products can be made from these things, with careful manual work and attention to detail.

reKappel was born from the idea that discarded products (e.g. leftover candles and glass bottles) deserve a second chance. With this we can make a small contribution to the preservation of our planet and give you joy and nice hours with friends with our SustainableLuxury products.