April 21, 2022

Why candle scraps?

By reKappel Team
Warum Kerzenwachsreste?

We work exclusively with wax scraps for our Connaisseur candles - why?

In order to be able to manufacture the reKappel Connaisseur candles (and the products that are still to come - stay tuned) carefully by hand, we only use candle wax scraps.

Scraps that we collect from regional partners and households and then sort, clean and remelt. Thus, we bring the candle remnants, which would otherwise be thrown away, back into the cycle and can thus produce great products for you.

Most people are not even aware that we dispose of candle wax residues in restaurants or households in the residual waste but could actually still create great things from it. On the one hand, we want to draw attention to this challenge with our products, and on the other hand, we want to encourage and motivate people around us to give candle wax remnants a second life.

We don't use candle wax pastilles or raw products, no soy wax pastilles (unless we get soy wax candle scraps) - we only use candle scraps, and are very grateful to our partner businesses (eg @der_literwirt, @daskappel, @mastvienna, @krennfelber) and households for helping us!

What is the problem with disposing of candle remnants in residual waste?

On the one hand, residual waste is largely processed in incinerators and is therefore not necessarily conducive to better processing of residual waste. On the other hand, in terms of a more sustainable future for our planet, we can therefore consider where our contribution to protecting the environment lies in many everyday things and how we can counteract the scarcity of resources.