February 01, 2022

Who is reKappel?

By reKappel Team
Wer ist reKappel?

Who actually is reKappel? Sophie, Sarah, Lorenz and Dietmar want to convey their idea of a more sustainable future to as many people as possible - the idea of #SustainableLuxury should enable people to buy luxurious products for their lives and at the same time make a contribution to protecting our environment.

We share the tasks related to reKappel. While Sophie and Sarah are responsible for social media and sending, Lorenz and Dietmar take care of the production and website.

Our backgrounds are very different: geography, law, management, tourism. What connects us professionally? Our interest and our motivation in the upcycling of products, in the spirit of: Everything deserves a second chance!

The tasks in a small, growing company are diverse and sometimes very different - so each of us can let his/her strengths come into their own. This is how we build a more sustainable future together, even if only in small steps.

Do you have ideas or would you like to work with us? Just write to us, we promise it's fun to work with us - no matter in which form :)