Connaisseur Mosquito

Comfortably sitting in the garden in the evening and not having any mosquitos around? Quite easy with the reKappel Mosquito candle! 

With various scents, you can spend a cozy evening with your loved ones outdoors, and do so in style! Our Mosquito Candles are not only effective against mosquitos, but are also perfect for setting a stylish outdoor table.

For the reKappel Mosquito Candles we use natural oils (e.g. citronella, rosemary, lavender, etc.) to ensure a mosquito-free evening under the stars. Attention: please pay attention to the warnings and do not leave your burning candle unattended, even outdoors. The Mosquito candles are made exclusively with candle scraps that we collect regionally. The capacity of the candles is 300 - 350 ml.

Luxuriously sustainable - without compromise.

Ps. the reKappel Mosquito candle comes as standard in an Austrian sparkling wine bottle - if you would like a different bottle please let us know before you order.

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